Destruction in Alabama

Wow just when you think life gets back to normal from a busy week at work, mother natures throws a bomb.  Literally my home state of Alabama has been turned into a mangled mess.  I can say that we were spared this damage at my home, however just a few miles down the road from us the residents were not as lucky.  All I have been doing since Wednesday night is checking on my fellow teachers in other counties that were hit hard, and checking on my former students that are in Tuscaloosa.  We have been in a "how can we help" mode around here.  Just yesterday we were out in our pasture picking up pieces of others homes that were destroyed.  Please everyone continue to pray for those in the south that have a long road ahead in this cleanup effort.
This is all that is left of a home that once stood on the slab you see on the left.

Pieces of others home litter the sides of the roads.

Here the roof was taken off.

For miles all you can see around here are snapped tree tops from our pine forests.

This huge oak was uprooted and landed across a car and house.

The tornado took the tops of many trees around here.

We live in a very rural area that has had its beautiful forests completely destroyed.  

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Dale Morin said...

My prayers are with you all.

Melany said...

Stacy--So very sorry for all the devastation in your state. My husband was actually traveling thru AL that day and saw the Tuscaloosa tornado from about a mile away. He said the damage he saw was beyond comprehension. We had the floods in Nashville last year so we understand about losing the material things--but the news about the people lost during Wednesday's storms is just heart-breaking. My prayers go out to you all.

Hugs to you!

María said...

God Bless!! I will continue praying for you all.


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